The Silent Cries of a Dying World

Tutorial adventure

Goblin Trouble!!!

Our adventurers started their quest by receiving a letter. A Royal summons from a large kingdom called Ring City to be exact. Ring City is located in the north in the nation of Belledor. As the adventurers started to enter unknown territory they were on a race against the sun. They decided to make camp before the sun set. They also wanted to scout ahead and gather more information. The group decided to split up leaving their faithful paladin to the task of making camp. The groups stealthy rogue makes a perfect scout and the spell ready warlock made a great over watch. As the capable duo was about to return to camp they heard a ear piercing scream from what they thought was a women or child. The duo followed the sound of the scream deeper into the woods as the sun was getting lower and lower. The Rogue showed his skills early as he easily spotted a well placed trap deeper in the woods. The duo decided to flush out the would be trappers by springing the trap. As a response they received another scream. They decided to travel closer to the scream as the sun was just about to set. The rogue wasn't as observant as he triggered the second trap, fortunately his quick reflexes allowed him to roll to the side before he was trapped hanging upside down. The warlock was not so lucky as he landed himself into a pit trap. Taking no damage but the duo could hear giggling on the outskirts of their vision. As the Warlock climbed out of the pit fall he was struck by a rock in the face, falling back into the pit. The rogue rushed to his aid, pulling him from the pit. Now angered the warlock blindly launches his trusted eldrich blast, quickly lighting the area. The duo spotted a goblin before they had an angry group of 8 ready to attack. The battle was fierce but ended with a gore filled victory, as the warlock exploded the final goblins head! The tired and sore duo return to camp without bothering to search the battle site. 


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