The Silent Cries of a Dying World

A Quest From Ring City.
Who's Stronghold is it Anyway?

This story begins in the nation of Belledor. Our adventurers the powerful Warlock Xavier the Worldly, the deadly Rogue Fendral Shadowstep, and the Mighty Paladin Aurin the Guardian of Light had just finished a small quest for a local settlement. Before the party could relax they were greeted by old friends. By friends I mean goblins. by greeted I mean ambushed.. Before any fighting engaged a large Hobgoblin approached the party members. He stated that their only opponent was him and he would not let any more of his men perish to the likes of them. The party engages the Hobgoblin quickly defeating him. Before the party can kill the leader they are rushed by the bystander goblins. The Goblin chieftain kneels and grovels before the party members. Claiming that he wants to pledge his loyalty to such worthy adversaries. The Party decides to show the Goblin chieftain mercy and accept his pledge of loyalty. As the party begins to leave the area they are greeted by a carrier who delivers a royal summons from Ring City. The party is ordered to appear before his majesty King Alfred the 10th and the High Court of Ring City. 

The party decides to comply with the royal summons and begins traveling to the north towards Ring City. Sometime before they arrive at their destination they come across an small village. The village appears to be abandoned and deserted. While investigating the village they discover that the villagers have been gone no more than 24 hours. They also discover that a large gathering had taken place, involving needles. Xavier finds a bottle labeled serum #1 and decides to keep it to himself. Just before the party leaves the village they hear a noise originating from a small tent. The party investigates and locates another traveler named Calcic Belgrade. Calcic Informs the party that a strange man had come to the village claiming to be a doctor. He said he was sent by Ring City to help prevent a deadly outbreak from spreading across the land. He injected most of the village and then left heading to another settlement. The villagers started to act strangely and then headed towards Ring City. Calcic informs the group that he is a very good navigator and will escort the group to Ring City in exchange for protection.

The party eventually arrives at Ring City and are shocked at the pure beauty of the magnificent City. This Admiration is quickly replaced with caution when they start to hear and smell the walking dead. The Party approaches the city walls, with a quick reconnaissance check the party count over 100 zombies hoarding outside the city walls. The party decides that the numbers are to great and decide to find another way into the city. The adventurers easily find another entrance to the city and are greeted by a young mage named High Magus Jameson Iris. Jameson gives the party little information and instructions, but leads them to a rundown tavern in the outer ring of the city.

The next day the group is greeted by Jameson and instructed to follow him to the royal palace for their appearance before the High Court. The party complies but runs into some trouble when attempting to enter the palace with Calcic because he does not have permission to enter. Calcic says he will wait at the tavern incase they need him. The adventurers are escorted to a large court room where they meet the High Court. The High Court is made up of his majesty King Alfred, Arch-Magus Alistair Magnus, General Alabaster Kain, and Grand Master Luscious Blackheart. The adventurers are informed of an old prophecy and given a quest by the king himself. The party is to travel to the town of Seahollow where they will infiltrate an island stronghold inhabited by bandits. They are to clear out the stronghold by any means necessary and report their findings back to the High Court. The reward for such a quest is the stronghold itself as the party's own keep. The Party accepts the quest.

The party asks Jameson questions regarding the quest. They are informed that there are scout located somewhere in Seahollow that will have information regarding the stronghold. The party decides to pay calcic for his navigating services to Seahollow. While traveling the group is confronted by a group of bandits claiming to be from the bandit group the Hidden Dagger. The party engages the bandits and kills them effortlessly. Fendral uses his superior senses to locate the bandits camp. Fendral pick locked a chest and finds a small treasure. The party continues to Seahollow. When inside the settlement the adventurers begin to ask around about the stronghold. Greeted by nervousness and misdirection even when the party attempts bribes and intimidation. Eventually the party is approached by a hooded figure in a dark alley. They are told to go to a local tavern called the Upturned Turtle and order a drink called the dirty fish bowl. The party decided that it must have been a secret code and decided to give it a try. After the party pays a hefty fee for their special drink they are escorted to a secret room under the cover of an brothel service. The party finally meets the scouts from Ring City. They are informed by the scouts that the stronghold is held by a bandit group called the Hidden Dagger. The Hidden Dagger is lead by a man called the shadow. The stronghold is impenetrable by ship. the only means of access is by air or by land during low tide. During low tide a small passageway opens at the front of the stronghold attaching the island to the mainland.  

The party decides to approach the stronghold during low tide. The scouts promise that they will guard the entrance and make sure that no reinforcements come form behind them. The party is confronted by an animated door with some kind of secret trick to open it. The party eventually figured out that they needed the animated door to speak the password. Once inside the stronghold the party is confronted by a group of bandits. The party quickly dispatches the bandits but not before one escapes through a door that closes and locks behind him. The party investigates two different rooms assassinating sleeping bandits and locating two weird orbs. When the party returns to the main the locked door is again open but guarded by the zombie bodies of the bandits they previously defeated. The party kills the zombie bandits for a second time and entered the now opened pathway. Inside they locate two large chests which they choose to open, triggering a trap that closes and locks the vault door behind them. The Party quickly finds two statues which appear to be trying to hold something. The party place the two orbs inside the statues hands and a hidden door opens between the statues.

The hidden passage led to a large open alter room. The adventurers are drawn to small individual alters surrounding on large alter in the middle of the room. The adventurers notice that scribed on each of the smaller alters are the symbols of evil deities and not just any deities but Asmodius, King of the nine hells and arch enemy of Aurin's god Bahamut.  Hades, god of the underworld and brother/rival of Xavier's god Zeus. and Torog, god of the Underdark and Fendral's gods enemy/rival Zahir. Each of the adventurers approach their respected alters and touch the unholy symbols. The symbols magically change to that of their respected gods. A bright light erupts from center alter as a being of energy emerges from the light. The being explains that an alliance of dark gods have forced an alliance between the gods Bahamut, Zeus, and Zahir. These gods have choose our adventurers as their champions in this fight. Bahamut Blessed Aurin with the talisman of pure good as well as a vision of Asmodius releasing his champions (The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse) to wreak havoc on the world. Zeus blessed Xavier with the robe of Arch-Magi and a vision of the old gods hiding something inside a mountain and ordering the descendants of King Alfred to build a mighty city around the mountain. Zahir blessed Fendral with the Cloak of Invisibility and a vision of a man who has been deceiving the adventurers since the beginning. The vision showed a small village receiving injections from a man in a white cloak. That man was none other then Calcic Belgrade…

When the visions ended Calcic could tell from the bloodlust in Fendral eyes that he knew his secret. Calcic welcomed the adventurers to his stronghold and claimed to be the infamous leader of the Hidden Dagger known only as the Shadow. He then informed the group that thanks to his new master his devious nickname was about to become a reality. With that Calcic injected himself with a serum. Seconds later Calcic dropped down to his knees threw back his head and began to scream. Black smoke erupted from Calcic's mouth and surrounded the entire room, as a skeletal hand reached out from Calcic's throat followed by a second. The hands pulled and ripped an entire skeleton from Calcic's now limp body. The Black smoke instantly converged on the skeleton merging with the bones. From atop of the skull formed a crown of pure black material. The new black Calcic took flight and hovered 3 feet from the ground in front of the adventurers. Shadow asks the adventurers "do you really think you stand a chance against me and my new masters? I hope your ready to die!" With that Calcic attacks the champions…



Tutorial adventure
Goblin Trouble!!!

Our adventurers started their quest by receiving a letter. A Royal summons from a large kingdom called Ring City to be exact. Ring City is located in the north in the nation of Belledor. As the adventurers started to enter unknown territory they were on a race against the sun. They decided to make camp before the sun set. They also wanted to scout ahead and gather more information. The group decided to split up leaving their faithful paladin to the task of making camp. The groups stealthy rogue makes a perfect scout and the spell ready warlock made a great over watch. As the capable duo was about to return to camp they heard a ear piercing scream from what they thought was a women or child. The duo followed the sound of the scream deeper into the woods as the sun was getting lower and lower. The Rogue showed his skills early as he easily spotted a well placed trap deeper in the woods. The duo decided to flush out the would be trappers by springing the trap. As a response they received another scream. They decided to travel closer to the scream as the sun was just about to set. The rogue wasn't as observant as he triggered the second trap, fortunately his quick reflexes allowed him to roll to the side before he was trapped hanging upside down. The warlock was not so lucky as he landed himself into a pit trap. Taking no damage but the duo could hear giggling on the outskirts of their vision. As the Warlock climbed out of the pit fall he was struck by a rock in the face, falling back into the pit. The rogue rushed to his aid, pulling him from the pit. Now angered the warlock blindly launches his trusted eldrich blast, quickly lighting the area. The duo spotted a goblin before they had an angry group of 8 ready to attack. The battle was fierce but ended with a gore filled victory, as the warlock exploded the final goblins head! The tired and sore duo return to camp without bothering to search the battle site. 


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